Coaching philosophy
Because every client is different, every coaching intervention needs to be too. Some clients benefit from 360° feedback and psychometric profiling – others prefer to work spontaneously and creatively. While I adjust my approach to optimise your coaching experience, three underlying principles are at the heart of my coaching philosophy:

Coaching is a creative process
Although you’re likely to come to coaching with some ideas about goals and outcomes, I’m as interested in what emerges creatively during our work together. These unexpected insights are often some of the most important for clients.

You are a whole person
While the focus of our work is your organisational leadership, clients inevitably bring their history and personal life into the workplace and into coaching. Deepening your awareness of this – working with you as a whole person – is core to achieving and sustaining coaching results.

Context is critical
Every organisation has its own culture, dynamics and ways of doing things. You succeed or fail in your organisational context. Acknowledging and understanding your context, its hidden dynamics and its impact will be a key part of our work.