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Executive Coaching

Our clients are people like you: leaders, professionals and top teams pursuing personal and professional results, perhaps things they didn’t think possible. They are looking for – or facing – significant changes in their life, their teams or their organisations. They want to harness their energy to identify what’s important, achieve the results they need, and to do this with increased awareness, creativity and confidence. And along the way they’ll discover things they weren’t expecting about themselves and the way that they work. Our coaches are with them on this journey.

Growing as a leader

Many people have leadership potential: we help executives and high-potential employees realise that talent. Our coaches develop long-term relationships, working with clients through the big changes. They also work with clients who want a short, sharp blast to help them re-energise and re-focus. You may want to:

• Use 360° feedback to deepen awareness of your natural strengths – and to discover and work on potential blind spots
• Identify and focus on what’s important to you and the business, aligning who you are and what you do with the results you need
• Know your people better, using practical strategies to engage and energise them to grow the business
• Discover and work creatively with the hidden dynamics in your business system

Ready to step into the unknown? Our coaches will support you with a unique blend of business experience, coaching expertise and executive consultancy. An initial meeting will help you choose the direction you want to take. Contact Jo Howard to find out more.

Building a new role

Many of our clients are making the move to new, more challenging roles. Some have recruited a new manager or executive and need them to make an impact fast. Our coaches help those in transition:

• Assess their environment, mapping both their spheres of influence and the organisational system
• Optimise their personal impact and build the relationships that will help them achieve results
• Identify and achieve quick wins, and prioritise longer-term business goals
• Engage, energise and inspire their new teams

Interested? If it’s important that you, or your new recruits, achieve results faster contact Jo Howard to find out how.

Moving on

We work with clients at all stages of the career-change process. We will:

• Help you become clear about what you really want: too many people fail to consider their values and their life plan when making ‘the next move’
• Provide practical guidance on developing a concise and elegant CV that potential employers will want to read
• Prepare you for interview, perfecting first impressions, rehearsing authentic, engaging responses to challenging questions, helping you model the values you espouse
• Engage, energise and inspire their new teams
• Debrief you after your interview, helping you plan effective follow up strategies
And once you’re in post, we have experienced coaches to support you through those all-important first hundred days and beyond.

Interested? Contact Jo Howard for an exploratory conversation or talk to a See Change coach about your tailored programme.

Leadership development programmes

Understanding yourself

• Recognising your leadership preferences and their impact
• Clarifying personal strengths and areas for development
• Discovering and developing an authentic leadership voice
Understanding your people

• Discovering your impact on your team, colleagues and clients
• Seeing the world as others see it and using that knowledge effectively
• Achieving results by engaging, influencing and collaborating with others
Understanding your ‘eco-system’

• Exploring the culture you want, the culture you have and the territory between the two
• Uncovering the hidden dynamics that impact you, your team and the business
• Using this awareness to refine and deepen your grasp on the business, leveraging points of power and cutting through blockages in the system to achieve results

These come together in our modular leadership programmes. Typically running over 6–18 months, programmes combine workshops and master-classes with one-to-one coaching to help you apply, review and integrate your learning. Always stimulating, insightful and productive for delegates, no two programmes are the same. We practice what we preach. A successful intervention has to start with understanding you and your organisation.

Interested? To discuss tailoring a programme for your leadership team contact Jo Howard.