Understanding yourself
• Recognising your leadership preferences and their impact
• Clarifying personal strengths and areas for development
• Discovering and developing an authentic leadership voice

Understanding your people
• Discovering your impact on your team, colleagues and clients
• Seeing the world as others see it and using that knowledge effectively
• Achieving results by engaging, influencing and collaborating with others

Understanding your ‘eco-system’
• Exploring the culture you want, the culture you have and the territory between the two
• Uncovering the hidden dynamics that impact you, your team and the business
• Using this awareness to refine and deepen your grasp on the business, leveraging points of power and cutting through blockages in the system to achieve results

These come together in our modular leadership programmes. Typically running over 6–18 months, programmes combine workshops and master-classes with one-to-one coaching to help you apply, review and integrate your learning. Always stimulating, insightful and productive for delegates, no two programmes are the same. We practice what we preach. A successful intervention has to start with understanding you and your organisation.

Interested? To discuss tailoring a programme for your leadership team contact Jo Howard.