Now is the perfect time to re-assess and re-align with our personal and professional goals for 2021.

As you know, landing a leadership role does not happen overnight and maintaining high-powered positions isn’t a done deal. In order to stay on top of your game, it’s key to lead with purpose and passion in order to inspire your team, the organisation at large, and keep the creative juices flowing within.

According to a study by Collingwood, purpose-driven leadership is defined as ‘creating a clarity of purpose to gain and sustain employee engagement, motivation and discretionary effort, through aligning beliefs and values to the organisational vision, mission, and objectives.’

So how does one align with this high level of purpose?

Knowing your purpose will help you gain clarity and focus. Ask yourself, what is of upmost importance to you both personally and professionally? Write a list and read it over until you are clear. Once you’ve gained clarity of your purpose, it will be much easier to maintain that focus and prioritise within your everyday life. This will help you act ‘on purpose’ and lead with integrity and passion whether it’s a routine task or a more meaningful project.

Your purpose can guide you in clarifying, for example, what is your intention with this project? What messages do you want to portray in your work? These and other inward-searching questions will inspire you and your team to dig deeper and build clarity, alignment and commitment. It’s surprising how our inner guidance systems can shine when we are encouraged and inspired to do so.

Once you and your team are all in alignment with the purpose, direction and priorities, the sky’s the limit. Dreaming big and encouraging creativity in the workplace is the ultimate goal of the purpose-driven leader. Fostering a team that welcomes inspiration, learns from past ‘failures,’ and builds on strengths is a work environment destined for success.

Embracing flexibility, encouraging creativity and leading with purpose can inspire all of those with whom you collaborate. Here’s to 2021 and the success that a purpose driven leadership approach will create.

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